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David "PunkRock" Christopher
Hailing from Los Angeles, CA with a hard hitting fusion of crunchy guitars, head bobbing beats and catchy melodies that create a hybrid of punk rock combined with hip hop.
At the age of ten, david discovered his love for the entertainment industry. by the age of twelve he was strongly influenced by music which led him to pick up a guitar. self taught and motivated to succeed, david started a punk band with his two best friends. over the next five years david's life was consumed by the music world, which had its ups and downs, and everything in between. through the years the band evolved, leaving the original band members going in different directions. christopher overcame these obstacles, and was now more than ever, determined to make it anyhow. he brought in new members and continued on. the band reached many heights, including
touring across the U.S. and sharing the stage with such respective acts as, Escape The Fate, Story of the year, Unwritten Law, Authority Zero, Strung Out, Finch, Death By Stereo and Kotton Mouth Kings to name a few. unfortunately the ride was short lived leaving david to face another set back. ultimately, david felt it was time to step away, and pursue his own path. along the way, david decided to continue on as a solo artist in music, but this time he was also in touch with his other form of outlet, fitness. with a strong work ethic, david followed his absolute dedication which allowed him to acquire a resume that speaks for itself. he has been featured in many major television, radio and magazine publications as a musician, actor and Athlete. CMT, MTV, Lifetime, 106.7 kroq, OC Weekly, MySpace music, are just a few of many, that have featured Christopher. David, is also endorsed by SUllen Clothing and Black Flys Eyewear.
a very ambitious visionary, he is not only A Firm believer, but proof that life is what you make of it. On a stage, or in the gym, David utilizes multiple platorms to inspire and PROJECT POSITIVITY through his music and training.
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