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David, discovered his passion for fitness and the gym around the early age of 14. He was involved with many sports growing up so, the gym seemed like a necessity to progress as an athlete.


"I ended up enjoying the gym for more reasons than just training for a sport... the gym was an escape for me. It became like a second home and It also, helped me release and keep my focus".


 "Aside from music, I consider working out to be like my therapy Haha I really enjoy challenging my body and feeling strong"


David has had the pleasure of competing against many great athletes including, being featured as an elite athlete on CMT's hit TV show "Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge". David's involvment in fitness has allowed him to be an ambassador for many projects in the industry over the years. David brings a new approach to the fitness world by combining a whole lot of edge to go with a whole lot of strength. Although, David has never had the desire to compete as a professional body builder David's, versatile and unique approach combining his backround in martial arts along side years of experience as a top, sought after personal trainer makes him one of the best in the business. 

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David Christopher on Steve Austins Broken Skull Challenge
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